This revolutionary new design is redefining fishing with
crankbaits.The new, patented Sonic Screech will attract
even the most wary of fish into frenzied strikes. Avid
anglers have long been aware that fish are attracted to
sound, light and motion, and numerous lures have been
developed in the past to create such stimuli to entice
fish to strike. Never has a lure perfected all three
stimuli (sound, light, motion) better than the new Sonic

The Sonic Screech has enhanced sound stimuli
like never before. It combines three different frequencies
to produce one SUPER LOUD LURE!! It has a built in
rattle chamber that contain two different size rattles to
produce two distinct sound attracting frequencies.
Combine this with the loud clanging sound created
by the clacker striking the spinning buzzblade as the
lure is retrieved and you have one SUPER LOUD
fishing machine!!!.

The Sonic Screech also greatly enhances visual
stimuli over traditional crankbaits by its use of its
rotating and oscillating buzzblade/clacker which
deflect light in all directions as the lure is retrieved
through the water. Combine this with 3-D lifelike
oversized molded eyes and your choice of 12 new
stunning crystal holographic finishes and you have
the ultimate "EYE CANDY" for those unsuspecting

Lastly, the Sonic Screech's motion is unparalleled.
The body vibrates as it is pulled through the water like
any other standard crankbait. But that's where the
similarity ends and the Sonic Screech takes over. Its
side to side motion of the buzzblade and clacker
simulates a moving tailfin like no other crankbait has
ever done before, thus giving the Sonic Screech a
much more lifelike appearance. As well the rotational
motion of the buzzblade also aids in getting second
looks and even more strikes!!

Sonic Screech incorporates a very sharp Mustad
#2 nickel plated hook, for use in fresh or salt water,
thus adding to its versatility.

As for fishing technique, the Sonic Screech can
be used with a steady retrieve; it can be twitched; it
can be trolled, or even jigged vertically (it has a
downward spiral action similar to an airplane jig)
…… Just be prepared to hold on when the BIG

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